Materie is a political magazine devoted to big issues and detailed political questions in discourse, contributing to the foundations of political opinion-forming. Specific issues of medium- and long-term relevance are examined from liberal perspectives and beyond. The approach is factual, evidence-based, and nuanced on those issues where nuance is appropriate.




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The origin of Materie.

The narrative analogy that Brand Materie uses is simple. With its content bundled into a new type of media platform, it contributes to a foundation of knowledge and the possibility for factual, evidence-based political opinion-forming.

The different content types of the platform are composed of free material such as classic articles, infographics, smaller contributions on paragraphs of the Austrian legal codes and the like to form a magazine - Materie.

How is Materie composed?

NUCLEUS - the Core

The Nucleus represents the Feel & Heart of the Brand, the Paradigms & Content Alignment.

Materie Nucleus

The beginning and initial element are the core elements of the brand.

  • Character mark
  • Picture brand
  • Interaction paradigms (language, font...)
  • Values (identity & interaction)
  • Color scheme
  • Content alignment (progressiveness, thematic fundus)

They are a solid core, which can "move" relatively dynamically, but is firmly held together. 

ELECTRONICS - the free material

Actual Content (Ressorts) always shifting around the nucleus

Freies Material

Around this fixed core, free elements are placed in dynamic changeable arrangement to explain the core, to give visual form and to change it.

Here you can find elements like

  • image worlds generative
  • Pictorial worlds depicting
  • Editorial content

constantly changeable and yet clearly attracted by the core values and guided by the visual guidelines

MATERIAL GRIDS - the Content Grids

Gitter Materie Neu 2

The free elements are structured in a grid, which captures the interaction and the network between the individual elements and at the same time organizes larger elements and patterns.

With this step, the brand only becomes tangible for users in interaction, this is where the first interaction artifacts are created in grids.

These include:

  • Social media channels and actual public speech
  • Website elements and pages
  • People representing and representing the brand (in application of the language and value elements)


abss interactive - Development
Average - Consulting & Media Concept