Empowering Innovative Health Solutions

How Mavie Next (formerly SanusX) unified its services into a flexible, component-based website under a strong umbrella brand to deliver innovative healthcare solutions internationally.


Mavie Next


corporate website


Mavie Next, formerly SanusX, a corporate start-up of the UNIQA Group with a focus on prevention and rehabilitation in the healthcare sector, was faced with the challenge of bundling its various services under a common umbrella brand.

The goal was a clearer brand identity and stronger positioning of the brand in order to include the innovative products and services such as Mavie Work, lifely, Mavie Aponect or cura domo, as part of the holistic solutions of Mavie Next and also to position itself more internationally as a development company of modern health solutions.


The challenge was to create a website within the existing design system, component-based and the headlessCMS Contentful. The benefit for our customers is the possibility to manage their website and especially the contained content in an extremely flexible and efficient way. 

Thanks to this structure, reusable elements can be used in Contentful, which not only leads to a consistent design, but also makes it much easier to expand and adapt the website to future requirements.


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