Winning Gen-Z for Gastro Apprenticeships? Tricky, in an unjustly negative industry!




digital campaign

Winning Gen-Z for gastronomy apprenticeships? Tricky, in an unjustly negative industry!

Authentic representations and honest employers are a prerequisite for young people, so the moral demand on them is getting bigger and bigger. However, it is also a fact that there are certain prejudices in the catering industry - we do not want to sweep these under the carpet, but to portray the resulting opportunities.

Through "hoib so wüd, wie'sd glaubst" precisely these societal prejudices against the industry are addressed and illuminated from different perspectives.

Within this campaign – produced end of 2022 – we want to talk openly about challenges and play with clichés to present the work in the gastronomy authentically & at the same time humorously! "Hoib so wüd!" is intended to convey a positive vibe and inspire young people to take up an apprenticeship in gastronomy.


Director - Daniel Hager
DoP - Alexander Schneider
Produktion - soviso
Text - Maria-Christina Schinko
Foto - Clemens Schneider